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19 June 2016 Thomas

First, of course, congratulations to the site. I'm a fan for years and have previously bought about GM many sets. Very pretty and appealing images. But I would hope that these contain a little more eroticism in future. You know, sometimes when to see a little more (perhaps even accidentally) it would be very hot!

GM answer
Thank you Thomas! Follow our site updates, I'm sure that in future you'll find some hot content for you. Sincerely, Tanya.

17 June 2016 Diego de Castro

Sveta and Alisa, they are cute. Thanks for the website.

GM answer
Thank you! We are choosing best models for you! Of course you'll see more sets with these models, this weekend we update Alisa, check for update!

17 June 2016 KDM

I have purchased several sets however I am unable to open the files. What extraction tool do I need to use to open these files. I currently have WinZip but it doesn't seem to recognize the files as zip or rar files. Please help as I am a huge fan and really want to support your work. Thanks.

GM answer
Sorry, we hear first time about this problem. If you still have trouble with archive opening, please write on we'll try to help.

11 June 2016 storm

Congradulations on your new site Can we expect more than 100 pics/set in the coming updates?

GM answer
Thank you! Yes, sometimes in future we will update site with supersets (more than 100 pics)

6 June 2016 James

Tanya, I have been a fan of yours for some time and I must say I honestly think you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I know people say things like that in an effort to ingratiate themselves. But I really mean it. You. Are. Amazing!

GM answer
Thank you, James! I'm extremely happy to read your words! I'm working only for these emotions!

4 June 2016 j

Will there be videos at some point? Those are my fave :)

GM answer
Of course! Little bit later ;)


I would like to thank all of our customers and fans for your patience! It appears at this time that all of the website issues have been resolved. Now GM is fully functional and stable working for you. Updates will start very soon!

4 June 2016 Cory

Congradulations Tanya! You finally own a website that is all yours. I can't wait to see all your new sets and videos. Im sure in a few days everything will be running perfectly. I will be buying every set of you that comes out, so keep up the good work!

GM answer
Hi Cory! Thank you for good words, I'm happy that you like my site, Your support gives me power and good mood, and helps work for you and go ahead together!

4 June 2016 Igor

Hello! Congratulations on your new web page! It's really good! And all the sets are gorgeous! Thank you very much for your beautiful work! Just one question. Are there any plans for sets where Tanya is completely naked?

GM answer
Who knows...


We are aware that many of you are having issues making a second purchase. We ask for your patience. Our payment processor has promised that the issue will be resolved in the next 36 hours. Thank you for your understanding!

3 June 2016 Edward Derochea

Hi Tanya, I love the new sets. I am glad the site is up. Now I have to figure out which old sets I need to get to complete my collection. I was waiting because I wanted to make sure you got the money not someone else. I hope you post videos too.

GM answer
I'm very happy that you like my work and my site. It's my baby and I created it for you, and also I'm happy to share it with you, I hope you'll like every update! Of course I'll add videos, but a little later, follow my updates! Thank you for feedback! Your Tanya.

2 June 2016 Stephan Lamoureux

Never mind found the problem... Firefox didn't recognize the file type, change browser to Chrome and it worked. Happy now I can view Tanya :)

GM answer
I'm happy, that now you can download sets, enjoy! And I'm always happy to see you on Stay with us and I promise, you'll be excited, we have a lot of very good stuff, be patient! Sincerely your's, Tanya.

3 June 2016 David Rivas

Tried to buy more sets from the site but CCbill said I already had a membership to your site.

GM answer
Hi David. Sorry for this problem, CCbill system recognize our sales as subscription, that's why they block second check out with sets. We are working on this, I hope tomorrow we'll fix this. Regards, Tanya.

2 June 2016 Stephan Lamoureux

NEED HELP... Hi, just bought the Tanya set but I can't open your file??? I have Izarc Arciver I can view the pictures but I can't extract them, I have to click on every single picture to be able to view them. I also tried Free Files Viewer and it didn't work with your files??? Sorry but if I can't view what I'm buying I won't buy from you guys again. Change your files or something. Thank you.

GM answer
–°hange your internet browser. Sincerely, Tanya

1 June 2016 Ishmael Villa

Glad to have you back Tanya. You look as lovely as ever if not even more! Keep up the hard work and congratulations on this new project. I have one question. The old sets from the other site are identical or do they have unpublished photos?

GM answer
Thank you! I'm working for you! No, the old sets aren't completely identical. Maybe you will like a updated old set. Regards, Tanya

1 June 2016 Paul Sullivan

LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much for the hard work. You are the greatest treasure ever!!!

GM answer
Thank you! I'm really happy to hear it! Have a good time and pleasure on my site! You're welcome! Sincerely, Tanya

1 June 2016 Robert Gilmore

Exciting Ms George! I'm watching my download slowly creep to me, and I hope its slowness is because your site is being nearly overloaded with orders! Much success to you beautiful girl!

GM answer
Thank you for feedback! You're right, today we have a lot of customers, and obviously that we have some overload, but we'll work on it, and I promise that every day we'll try to make our site better and faster! Best regards, Tanya